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Rotate Logs IHS or Roll Logs Daily in IBM HTTP Server

June 10, 2019

rotate logs ihs How one can limit Apache Server Log Files (IBM WebSphere HTTP Server). First of all, read the rotate_logs_IHS.pdf file in depth and make the changes accordingly to rotate logs for IHS. The effect of these changes is mentioned in the httpd.conf file.

Environment: WAS 7.x / 8.x

Write a script ( which is placed in the same directory.


echo “Deleting Logs for Apache Server”
find /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/logs/error_log.* -mmin +10 -exec rm -f {} \;

edit cron file as mentioned below so that old files can be deleted automatically.

Open the shell / command terminal from Linux and type following:

crontab -l

crontabl -e

00 * * * * /opt/scripts/

Once done, now desired logs will be deleted automatically.

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