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How to Make Comments Required on Work Details Page in Case Manager

December 16, 2021

How to make comments required to capture a comment when a user chooses to process a work item with a particular response? For example, if a work item is Rejected or approved, you must enter a reason for its approval or rejection that will be part of the case history.


  1. Case Manager 5.2.x / 5.3.x
  2. Content Platform Engine 5.2.x / 5.5.x
  3. Content Navigator 2.0.3.x / 3.0.x
  4. WebSphere Application Server 7.0.0.x / 8.5.5.x / 9.0.x


Perform the following steps to make comments required on work details page accordingly:

  • Edit the solution in IBM Case Manager Builder.
  • Go to the pages section, edit the desired work details page.
  • Show the hidden widgets section, drag a new script adaptor in this area, and rename it so you can remember the purpose.
  • Wiring the incoming event to the Work Item Toolbar’s Send Work Item event as mentioned in the below diagram:

ibm case manager attachment wiring

  • Edit the settings of script adaptor and add the following code:

var coord = payload.coordination;
var workitemEdit = payload.workItemEditable;
var solution = this.solution;
var prefix = solution.getPrefix();
function(Constants, ControllerManager){
require([“dojo/_base/declare”, “dojo/_base/lang”, “icm/base/Constants”,”icm/dialog/addcommentdialog/AddCommentDialog”,”icm/action/case/CaseAction”],
function(declare, lang,Constants, AddCommentDialog, CaseAction) {
console.log(“Prompt add work item comment dialog throughscript adaptor.”);
payload.coordination.participate(‘COMMIT’, lang.hitch(this,function(context, complete, abort) {
var workitemEditable =payload.workItemEditable;
try {
var workFlowName = workitemEditable.getWorkflowName();
//console.log(“workFlowName:” + workFlowName);
var myStepName =workitemEditable.getStepName();
var myCase = workitemEditable.getCase();
var commentAdded = false;
console.log(“myCase: ” + myCase);
console.log(“coord: ” + coord);
if(context[Constants.CoordContext.WKITEMRESPONSE] ===”Process Request”)
// If you use this condition, than it will be prompt at once whatever the response button name on work details page.
if(context[Constants.CoordContext.WKITEMRESPONSE] !==”abc”)
var addCommentDialog = new AddCommentDialog({
artifactType : “WorkItem”,
artifactLabel : myStepName,
commentContext :Constants.CommentContext.WORK_ITEM_COMPLETE,
caseModel : myCase,
workItem :workitemEditable.icmWorkItem,
onClickClose : function() {
if (commentAdded) {
else {
alert (“You have to provide your remarks on this case please.”);
dojo.connect(addCommentDialog.commentContentPane, “afterAddComment”,lang.hitch(this,function() {
commentAdded = true;
catch (exception) {
return payload;

  • Close the page, commit, and deploy the solution.
  • Open the work details page again to test your customization.
  • When a user clicks on particular response button, a new comments window will be appreard as described here:

how to make comments required on work details page in case manager

  • If user clicks cancel on the prompt dialog, the event is not passed on and will remain on the page.

adding comments before dispatching the workitem in ibm case manager

  • If user enters a reason in comments section and click OK, the case will be forwarded and a new comment will be added to the case.

On this tech note you can find the further information about all the payloads and events:

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