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Moving Workflow System or Process Engine Isolated Regions 5.1.x

July 27, 2018

You can move isolated region to a new workflow system or Process Engine database or schema. You can move the isolated regions to correct IBM Case Manager environments where the isolated region and the Content Platform Engine target object store are not stored in the same database and schema. You can also reorganize existing isolated region data by moving the isolated region to a new database or schema.

For IBM Case Manager 5.0 or 5.1 systems that are not in compliance with the common database or schema requirement (that is, the isolated region and the Content Platform Engine target object store are not stored in the same database and schema), move the Process Engine isolated regions into a Content Engine object store before you upgrade to Content Platform Engine 5.2.

Restriction to Move Isolated Region to a New Workflow System:

You cannot move an isolated region from the database and schema of one workflow system to an existing workflow system database and schema that already contains an isolated region. If you want to move
multiple isolated regions to a new database and schema, you must do so in the same operation in one run.

These steps are only required if you want to retain ibm case manager (ICM) older data so that it will be available in new environment. Because process region and the content platform engine (CPE) target object stores are not stored in the same database or schema.

Note: Before doing this activity please make sure you’ve proper backup of your PE and Target OS database.

  • Stop All IBM FileNet P8 services except database.
  • Open and follow help pdf file. This file will tell you what changes you need to do.
  • This is the tech note link of pdf file.
  • First of all install and update JDK 1.6.24 to 1.8.102 on the ACM app server because in my environment it doesn’t work for JDK1.6.24 when we run the and commands.
  • Also use regmove.jar file into your CLASSPATH environmental variable.
  • Make essential changes in .bash_profile file like; CLASSPATH and JAVA_HOME as perlatest java version.Just move regmove directory to somewhere temp directory on Linux.
  • Please make necessary changes in relevant files that are placed in directory regmove.,,, and I’ve already amended these files according to my environment.
  • Run the following commands to give permission to run both of scripts

sed -i -e ‘s/\r$//’

sed -i -e ‘s/\r$//’

  • will run first.

move isolated region to a new workflow system

  • Once its completed. Check the schemas both PE and Target Object Stores.
  • Run file than.

region move command

  • Start the IBM FileNet P8 services.
  • Corresponding isolated regions and connection points also need to be created or modified in the P8 domain to make the system functional after the move. Use the process task manager (PTM) to configure a new process engine server or virtual server to connect to the moved database.

process task manager ptm

process task manager configuration

ptm configuration

  • Check the Health Page to make sure all of the components are running smoothly or not.


ibm cpe health page

Once done, do complete testing of FileNet P8 system including icm, icn, ier, and other applications. Relevant jar files scripts, links, and screenshots can be download from here.

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