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Security Attributes Disallow Access Error in IBM Case Manager Client

August 17, 2020

FNRPE2131090068E security attributes disallow access error received recently, when we did upgrade IBM FileNet P8 system to 5.2.1 level. We didn’t upgrade IBM Case Manager and it was remained on version After successful upgrade, It took too much time to populate Add Case list, Cases tab, and In-Baskets when trying to access IBM Case Manager Client.

When we enabled the console log, it shows the error FNRPE2131090068E security attributes disallow access. Here is the screenshot of Network tab while loading roles:

security attributes disallow access

Here is the stack that is logged in the Process Engine Server log:

2013/10/18 10:21:00.735-0700 4624:WT=5 Reg#2 [Error] FNRPE2131090068E ; Exception: Security attributes disallow access. There is no additional information available. at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.orb_rpc_fetchApplicationSpaces.execute(orb_r at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.ORBPERPC.orb_rpc_fetchApplicationSpaces(ORBP at 83) at at at ava:262) at at at at at at at

This is the response in JSON:

{“msg”:”filenet.vw.api.VWServerException”,”UnderlyingDetails”:{“Causes”:[“[FNRPE0450130071E] Security
attributes disallow access to Solution Name.”,”[FNRPE2131090068E]Security attributes disallow
]Security attributes disallow access.\n”}}


  • WAS
  • CPE
  • CF
  • CSS
  • XT
  • Daeja ViewOne Pro 4.0.26


As per IBM recommendations, this problem is fixed in IBM Case Manager FP fix this issue permanently, apply ICM and problem will be solved.

Tech note:

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